Masti Team

Sasha Singh

Artistic Director

Sasha Singh’s journey in dance has been one of true passion and determination. She has been learning various forms of dance since she was four years old. She started western classical dance form at an early age. She learned Ballet, Modern, and Jazz for four years at Hathaway Academy of Ballet. She is currently learning Hip Hop. She understudied Bollywood with her mother, Sasha Singh and is co-teaching some classes now at Masti Dance Academy.

Sasha takes pride in her comprehensive approach to varying genres of dance and constantly searches for opportunities to further her own education. She attended classes with Terence Lewis, summer of 2010 not only for personal growth, but to better develop her dancing skills with a more diverse range of knowledge.

She loves to devote time to her passion for dance, acting and modeling. She won the best dance award at Miss Asia Texas 2011 and loves to look for opportunities to express herself through performing arts.  Sasha participated in Miss Asia Texas in 2013 and won the title for Miss Asian American Texas. Her success as an actresss in the release of her first Telugu film “Appatlo Okudundevadu” has followed by two other telugu films to her credit and is currently shooting for project that are in production phase. Sasha hopes to make her name in the film industry through her hard work and talent.

Madhu Peshwani

Founder, Director

Madhu Peshwani is the founder, Director and Head Choreographer of Masti Dance academy in Plano, Texas. She teaches at Mast Dance Academy along with her daughter Sasha.

Madhu is a Plano ISD Teacher who combined her passion of dancing and teaching. She is highly experienced in working with children and this has enabled her to broaden her career from teacher to dancer to choreographer to “experience creator”.

Madhu has been teaching Bollywood dancing for seven years now. In 2010 she travelled to India to learn at trained by Terence Lewis’s Dance Academy and was very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn with the Maestro himself. She is highly experienced in this dance form due to previous formal dance training of Bharatnatyam for three years. She has also active and extensively learning Jazz and Latin Ballroom at Collin Community College.

Madhu has successfully done a number of projects in annually organizing and producing shows for India Nite since 2004. Her team has also performed at various other events including community events such as Diwali functions for Sindhi Association, Asia Fest, World Fest, and Vaisakhi Mela. She incorporates Indian Classical, Bollywood, Fusion and Bhangra dance styles in all of her performances.

Madhu believes that in order to be successful in dancing, one needs to find discipline to work hard and at the same time be willing to share their knowledge, passion and enjoyment to their community.

At Masti Dance Academy, we believe in having fun plus learning. The students just adore her!!