At Masti Dance Academy, we know you have several options when choosing to invest in your child dance education. We appreciate the opportunity to give your child a quality dance foundation that promotes a respect and understanding for the art of dance. We are dedicated to helping each child develop into the best dancer they can and want to be. From the future professional dancer to the recreational student, we give equal attention to all of our dancers. We believe that hard work produces achievement. This is a lesson that will instill a discipline in each student that will aid him/her in facing all aspects of life. We seek excellence from all of our students appropriate to their age level and interest. None of this can be accomplished without a cooperative and supportive effort from the students, their parents, our teachers and staff.

Our policies have been developed carefully to alleviate any possible confusion concerning our approach to your child dance training at Masti Dance Academy. After you have read through all of our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at


When you enroll your child in a class, you are paying us to hold a place in class for your child; therefore each student is expected to attend the entire session. Regular attendance to class is MANDATORY. If your child is excessively absent for any reason, they may not be allowed to participate in our performance. Excessive is defined as missing more than 3 classes in our ten week. Every effort should be made to avoid missing a class.
Students should avoid missing consecutive dance classes. Teachers will not slow the pace of their class to accommodate a student who does not attend class regularly. Students who miss classes are responsible for learning new choreography that was taught during an absence. Private instruction may be available at an additional cost; please speak with your child instructor to make these arrangements. Every year, the dancer who attends class regularly performs the best and excels at a steady pace. One absent dancer not only hurts the progress of the individual, it also inhibits the progress of the entire class. Students should arrive at least on time for class. Entering class after it has begun is disruptive to the teacher and other students, so if your child is tardy, please advise her to enter class quickly and quietly.

Masti Dance Academy should be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any absence, tardy or early pick-up. If a student misses 3 or more consecutive classes without notifying the studio, they will be dropped from the class and you will still be responsible for all fees incurred, as well as costume payments.

If a child is to be picked up before the end of class, please inform the instructor prior to the start of class and let her know what time your child will need to leave. Please do not barge into the classroom to get your child early. The teacher will allow your child to QUIETLY leave the class at the designated time.

Payments may be dropped at the Masti Dance Academy dropbox on the first day of each session.
Please make checks payable to Masti Dance Academy. We charge an additional $25 in any circumstance when your bank does not honor your check. After 2 returned checks, all subsequent payments must be made by cash, or money order.
Students WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the performance if the account is not current.

It is our philosophy that the purpose of dance class is to instruct, not to put on a show. Even the quietest observers do distract students and can make them self-conscious or apprehensive if they are constantly watched. Although the physical design of our studio allows parents to watch at any time, please DO NOT enter the classroom during the course of the class for any reason even if the class is taking a break. Siblings not participating in a dance class must be accompanied by a parent at all times and are not allowed to run or play in any area of the studio.

Your enrollment is an Obligation for the Full Session: Regardless of Dropping
Minimum of 8 students required for a group

Inclement Weather: There will be no make- up classes for inclement weather cancellations.
If there are any Snow days, it will BE TURNED INTO e-learning days to help avoid the disruption to the performance momentum and minimize the loss of instructional time. Our instructors will send an instructional video that students can practice from.

Our staff is extremely careful and concerned when choosing the correct class for each student. The most important thing is that the student should be comfortable in their learning environment, not inhibited. We are a progressive studio and ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE CHALLENGING. When parents request for students to be with peers, this may put a strain on the fact that your child is placed correctly. We do our best to accommodate this need; however it is not a guarantee that the request will be honored. We want what is best suitable for your child.

The parking lot and other outside areas are NOT playgrounds. Parents must monitor their children when they are outside of the studio. They should only be outside when coming to class or leaving class.
ABSOLUTELY NO gum, food or drinks are permitted in any of the dance rooms. Excessive talking or other misbehavior will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to observe class instead of participating. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors. Students are required to follow the appropriate dress code for all classes at their level. No Jeans wear. Hair must be pulled neatly away from face and off neck. A ponytail may be worn. Long hair needs to be secured to the head. This class is danced with sports shoes. No jewelry or watches except small earrings. No Jeans, are to be worn in class. Please wear comfortable workout clothes. If dancers wear skirts, please make sure they have shorts underneath.

Absolutely no pro-ration.
Tuition is due during the 1st class of the session. Late fees $5 charged for payment made past due date.
NO REFUNDS, PRO-RATING, CREDITS for MISSED CLASSES (except for medical reasons)
There are no refunds for tuition, costume fees or performance fees, FOR ANY REASON
Please do not register your child if you do not plan for him/her to attend the entire session. Tuition is calculated on the entire session. There are no exceptions, including student absences or weather days
Tuition does not include any additional cost involved with either getting membership with external organization (required for participation) or event tickets with the third parties
Prompt payments for membership has to be made for student participation in a timely manner

We offer different performance based opportunities for our students. Performing is an integral part of students training and we encourage participation. Every effort is made for participation in the events organized by various organizers in the Dallas Metroplex: Plano International Festival, Janmashtmi, Indian Association of North Texas and Vaisakhi Mela. However Masti takes no responsibility for and will not be liable, if for some technical reason or reason beyond our control, if we are not able to participate in the event. We will however, find an opportunity for our students to perform their piece at an alternate location.

Masti Dance prides itself on having a friendly, family-like atmosphere with enough strong instructors to help each dancer develop into the best that he or she can and WANTS to be. Our teachers are given the freedom to come up with Choreography and formation for our Students. These decisions are not easily made and are thought out carefully.
The parents and teachers must work together to help students understand that not all students can be placed in the front. We try our best to keep the students in formations according to height. These are group performances and we make sure that everyone can be seen no matter what their position and everyone needs to work as a team and try to their fullest potential.
We make sure that everyone has a chance to shine, whether they are in the front, back, side, middle. In our past years of experience we have many examples of students who were in the far back corner of most of the dance and yet they outshine everyone because of their commitment and practice. It doesn't matter where the students are on the stage, just be sure that when you ARE on the stage, that you are dancing as if you were front and center
We want our students to be happy and supportive of each other. It is our intention to teach the students to learn from each other and to be motivated by each other. We encourage all of our students to work hard and become the best dancers they can be.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s dance class, progress, please email us. We care very much about your child’s progress and future in dance. We will do the best address your concerns.

Young students should not be left unattended prior to or following class. Prompt retrieval of your child is appreciated. Students are asked to remain in the academy lobby and not outside while waiting for rides. Young students are not allowed in the studio without an instructor present. Only siblings and parents are allowed in the studio hallway viewing area. Siblings are not allowed to play in the dance studios.

The School is committed to maintaining a healthy school environment that allows all students to participate in and fully enjoy their dance training. By enrolling in the academy, parents and students agree to abide by the following codes of conduct:

All students will be courteous and respectful to one another, to their teachers and other dancers. The Academy Directors will address concerns with any student whose attitude, discipline or overall is unsatisfactory. Students will promptly report any injury or illness that occurs while they are at the School to their teacher or Academy Directors.

When watching from the hallway, students will move aside when others pass by. Talking loudly in the hallways or causing distractions is not appropriate conduct. Dressing rooms studios and common areas must be maintained clean. Students will be responsible for their own belongings. No valuables should be left unattended in the dressing rooms or studios. P ersonal items left in the dressing will be placed in the Lost and Found for a maximum of two weeks only. Items not claimed within that time will be removed from the Academy. There is no eating or drinking in the dressing rooms and studios. Students may eat or drink in the back hallway being mindful to clean up trash and/or crumbs. The Academy will not tolerate the theft of any School or other student’s property. Students who participate in any theft face immediate dismissal from the School.

Parents will be respectful toward all employees of Masti Dance Academy.Parents will make an appointment, in advance, to meet with the Academy Directors and refrain from open discussion in the common area. With the exception of any parent volunteers who have been asked to help coordinate rehearsals or performances, no parent may discipline another parent’s child while at the Academy. Parents will immediately direct any concerns with other students to the Academy Directors. Parents will not discuss placement of students openly or between classes, leveling issues or concerns during teaching hours but must make an appointment with directors and faculty.

In teaching the art of Dance, as well as other dance disciplines offered by the Academy, it is entirely appropriate for a teacher to put their hands on a student to correct the student’s posture, the physical line, or position of the student’s body or part of his/her body, or to help a student hold a position. The Academy does not tolerate any teacher-student contact that is harmful or inappropriate. In enrolling their child in the School, parents acknowledge that it is Masti Dance Academy’s practice to correct students with physical contact.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our love of dance with your child. We are also looking forward to an exciting year for you and your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child dance education. There is no doubt that with the cooperation of the staff, students and parents we can continue to achieve excellence in the art of dance!