My child only wants to learn Bollywood dance. What dance forms do you offer?

We understand your concern, however we offer classes based on performances.  Our Diwali Mela performance demands semi-classical and traditional dances, because the event organizers demand that dances be event appropriate.   We focus on fun filmi songs during our India Nite session.   When we get students ready for Vaisakhi Mela, because the event is a Punjabi cultural event, we focus on Bhangra.   We love the fact that we offer different forms of dance and students can experience the cultural aspect as well as enjoy a variety throughout the year.

I am a beginner dancer at the age of 40. Do you have a class for me?

Yes, we do.  We have adult classes for performances, as well nonperformance based classes.   A lot of our beginners join the nonperformance based group and enjoy their learning experience and later on join performance based classes.   It is never too late to learn dance!  It’s a great way to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

What is the age criteria for students?

We prefer the students be atleast 5 years old.  If you have a 4 year old, you can take him or her to the first class for a trial.   The teacher will evaluate your child’s attention span and will confirm with you whether he or she is ready for a class.  We may make an exception and still enroll the student, but the student may not be able to perform (instructor discretion).