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About Masti Dance Academy

Masti Dance was formed in 2011 to teach dance in a professional environment with a structured curriculum. The primary focus of Masti Dance is to nurture individuals into realizing their potential and most importantly, their dreams. Teaching students that dance is not only about doing steps; but it requires a deeper understanding of movement, music, mind and body. It is founded on the belief that everyone can dance as long as you have the belief, desire and the right guidance. "If you can feel, think and move, then you can dance”...

Our BollyFusion classes are choreography based and rotate between various styles including Bollywood, Bhangra, Urban Bollywood, BollyFunk, GarbaFunk, and BollyClassical. These classes are meant to build your skill in a particular style of Bollywood dance. As you #DancewithMasti, you will be able to grow as a dancer, challenge yourself, and work together with a great group of people – whether it be in-studio or virtually! .

Visit as at

Masti Dance Academy

Hathaway Academy of Ballet, 2865 McDermott Dr. Suite 140
Plano Texas 75025

Phone: 1-469-939-9550
Whatsapp:  1-469-939-9550


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